Vol 12 Number 3
            ISSN 1468-1137


Volume 12 - Number 3 
Main Article
Control of an Evaporative Cooling Process  

Other Articles
Formulation of a Fast Vortex Method using MDGRAPE-2
Evolutionary approach for fault diagnosis and condition monitoring of machine-structure

Disseminating Today's Research Using The Latest Web Based Technology.
With rapid developments in computer technology i.e. software and hardware development, both academia and industry need to be well informed of CURRENT developments in the important research area of ENGINEERING SIMULATION. Computer technology is  becoming all important for engineering companies to be successful and of world class. Therefore, the International Journal of Engineering Simulation (IJES) concentrates on engineering software/hardware developments. The journal is web based enabling the publication of current research with supporting graphics and animation attachments. The journal invites submissions of papers, which will be refereed by experts in the relevant field, with reference to the originality and quality of the research and practical experiences demonstrated. Papers are invited in areas related to the following topics:
  • Computer software/hardware simulation tools and development.
  • Virtual Reality and Virtual Prototyping
  • Numerical analysis including;
                    Finite Element,
                    Finite Difference,
                    Boundary Element, and 
                    Mathematical Modelling.
  • Fuzzy Logic.
  • Neural Networks.
  • Fractals and Chaos theory.
  • Knowledge Based Systems.
  • Design Optimisation Techniques.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Materials Processing Simulations.
  • CIM.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • New sensors and Communication Networks.
Papers must demonstrate (in a special section) how the software/hardware can, or has been used in industry to provide improvements, and hence MUST be industrially relevant.

Submission of Papers

Authors are invited to submit papers, by email only to the journal's Chief Editors: Professor F. R. Hall & Professor M. Mihsein at IJES@wlv.ac.uk. For details of paper format, please consult the Submissions guide.

There are NO deadlines for submission of manuscripts. Each submitted manuscript will be reviewed within twelve weeks from the date of submission, and successful manuscripts will be published in the next scheduled journal's publication edition. The journal is published quarterly.

For further information contact Dr. Ilias A. Oraifige (Journal Co-ordinator): I.A.Oraifige@derby.ac.uk

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